Every woman’s jewelry collection needs an assortment of pieces. In jewelry, we constantly come across the term "capsule wardrobe" which essentially is all the classic pieces that every woman needs in her Jewelry Box - whether it be a minimalist spread or an extravagant jewelry box. Our collection is made up of classic pieces that can be worn every single day.

Everyone deserves to feel confident & beautiful


Here at Love Savvy we give our hearts into designing pieces that are timeless, high quality, and affordable! We're about effortless style, to help you shine your brightest. We know that when you're confident, the sky is the limit! Our pieces can easily take you from day to night, it's about maximum impact with minimal effort.

Love Savvy


“Making jewelry has always been my passion. After realizing how unnecessarily expensive jewelry can be, I felt that I could make a difference. I want people to be able to afford them by ensuring that prices are reasonable without compromising the quality. Thus, I decided to start a store on a popular US marketplace for handmade jewelry.”

Our Story

First off, thank you for being here! My name is Brittany Regan Fowler, but everyone calls me Brittany! I know I was meant to do this. My passion for jewelry started at a young age. At fourteen, I was infatuated with what people were wearing and often times found myself staring at their diamonds. The story that really popped into my mind was my aunt Sarah's engagement ring - it was amazing and I always told her to try it on. She told me she was offered a new Cadillac or a larger diamond ring when my uncle proposed to her, and of course we know how the story ends... the ring won! I remember every detail of the day I tried it. I left feeling accomplished, ecstatic and confident. It’s the very first thing I wore it.

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